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In February 2006 I had the pleasure of wrestling Veronica in Stockholm. We met in an apartment for the session. She was very nice and made me feel at ease right away.

We talked a little and then went to the matress. She was dressed only in shorts and a little bikini top, leaving her whole back bare. It was the same top as in pictures out by the water on her site. I was dressed in a longsleaved t-shirt and shorts. Apart from a few fantasymatches I didn’t have much wrestlingexperince.

On our knees we approached eachother on the matress. Again I noticed how much smaller she was. I put my hands on here bare shoulders, and the match was officially on. I tried to get her off balance, but no such luck. Then I put my arounds around her waist and tried again. No way. Then she put her right hand around my neck and quickly got me down that way. I ended flat on my back, and she placed herself on top of me.

- I’m the boss, she said.
And for the next our or so she was.
She quickly pinned me again.
- Now you are grounded,.she said.

In match 4 I kinda got her down on her back, but she quickly wrapped her legs around me, and I was caught. Once she catches you with the legs, you can’t get out.
- Again you loose. Those legs are undefeated, she said.

After I have lost match number eight or something, she released the hold, and I tried to get up. But she pushed me back.
- Did I allow you to get up? She asked.
- No. I’m, sorry, I said.
Then she put me in another hold, locking one of my legs and one of my arms. And I was caught again.
- Again you are defeated. You have long legs, but what use are they now? she said.

After defeat number 10 or 11 she more or less kept me down. Each time I gave up, she put me in another hold. After one of the defeats she also sat on my face. Then she gave me a short breathingspace and sat on my face again.
- Small girls can be dangerous, she said.

After one of the last matches we talked a little. A was lying on my back, and she was still sitting on top of me.
- Has any guy ever beaten you? I asked.
- Of course not, she answered.
The I suggested one last match, in which she would only use one arm. I tried my useless attempts in getting her down, but she couldn’t be caught off balance. Then she took her one arm, wrapped it around my neck and swung me down. She quickly covered me and had thus beaten me with one arm.

All in all it was a dreammatch – all that I could have hoped for. I would recommend the lethal one to everyone guy, who is interested in wrestling. It was worth very every minute.