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In the Spring of 2002, Xander Treffers posted notices about a new web site featuring a young lady named "Lethal Veronica". The name seemed kinda tacky, but I respected Xander's recommendation and checked out the site. The site was excellent - filled with pictures and a variety of other information about Veronica. But for some reason, I was not convinced she was the real deal, yet there was something very compelling about her.

Veronica is based in Rotterdam & Amsterdam, an extremely attractive and obviously fit "African-Amsterdamian" who stands 5'4" and weighs approx. 135 lbs. Tightly muscled, she is portrayed as a European Raquel, but the pictures presented a dilemma.

In the website, she is seen as a skilled and dominant wrestler, and testimonies to her relentlessness and skills are included. The pictures affirm her physical assets, but the posed pictures are not convincing at first look. She is obviously over-powering a smaller and weaker woman, and also posing in a domination fashion with a larger guy. Now we all know about the fighting ability of men in that region (not!), so I was still not impressed. But I must confess I was intrigued with some of the holds she was using in the pictures. It's easy to demonstrate smothers, scissors and grapevines, but Veronica was also using other holds one doesn't see demonstrated too often in this genre. The fact she knew them interested me, in addition to her obvious attractiveness, the increasing hype, and the constantly updated new pictures.

It was with great pleasure that I arranged to be her first session in the U.S. when she visited September 3. I had even arranged to be her first match since, if she was coming off of a long plane flight, I could take advantage of her jet lag if she was as good as advertised. It didn't matter....


Within seconds after I knocked on her hotel door in midtown Manhattan, the door slowly opened. At first glance, no one was standing in front of me, nor did anyone appear to be opening the door. But seconds later, I looked down, and peering up at me were wide, expressive almond-shaped eyes and a beautiful smile.

Veronica had to be 5'4", and approx. 135 lbs. Long braids cascading down her back, she wore short blue hotjeans and a black sportsbra. Her thighs looked powerful, and her glutes were exquisitely rounded. Her waist was impossibly slim, her shoulders fairly broad and strong. Her arms are 14", but not muscular in a bodybuilding sense.

After a few minutes of chatting, we reviewed the parameters of the match, and quite frankly I wasn't expecting too much. The room was not articularly large, so we had to wrestle on the bed, which is usually one of the worst venues for a competitive match.


After we got to our knees to begin the match, I felt that she did not seem particularly strong, and being light, I reached for her thin midsection to take her down, but found myself caught in a headlock and landing on the bed. I reacted quickly and rolled her over so that she was on her back, and I was not very impressed in the opening 30 seconds. However, I noticed one of my legs was being hooked by hers, and she was wrapping my right arm up, pulling it towards her legs. A smile of satisfaction on her face, I tried to power myself loose, but found that it was futile. Slowly but surely she seemed to get stronger without any dramatic increases in power, and though I was on top, I couldn't do very much - other than try to extricate myself.

Veronica started cooing away - "Isn't this the way it's supposed to be?", "Shouldn't you be trying to win here?", "Can't get loose? You're a big boy. You can beat a little girl, can't you?". Trash talking, European style, and with an exotic accent as well ! I was really getting into the pyschology of her domination skills.

After about 5 minutes she burst loose and quickly gained an advantage, sitting on my stomach, looking down, and locking my hands to the bed on both sides of my head. Smiling down at me, taunting me.

Her scissors are truly lethal, in that you are lulled into a false sense of security at first and don't think you'll be in any particular trouble, especially when you're trying to get out. So you let down your guard, thinking nothing bad will come of this. However, once you're locked in, you're at her mercy. The more you try to wriggle free, the more you notice you are totally under her seemingly weaker power, and the more you try to get out, the more she pours on the pressure.

At one point I was caught in a headscissors for several minutes, and my head felt like it would explode. It took a few minutes for me to regain my senses.

If you get out of her scissors, it's usually because she lets you. This lady truly loves to wrestle, and demonstrate her superiority over men. The bigger they are, the harder they fall she likes to say, and I've never met a little lady who takes so much satisfaction in totaly dominating her opponent. She would prefer not to keep the hold on for lengths of time, in order to get back into the give-and-take of a competitive match, but most men just waste their time trying to get out. She likes to watch t.v. until you realize it's futile, tap out, and start again. Sometimes she will even let you out because she's bored, or doesn't want to watch commercials.

She never took a break, never broke a sweat, and never answered the phone.

Veronica loves her work, and is one of the sexiest women I've ever met. But don't get any ideas - and does not do topless or nude sessions, and absolutely no sex. And if you try to be rude, there's a long line of men who have suffered because of their stubborness.

It's funny how after the session I would weakly come up with a variety of excuses, but nothing worked. I teased her about her using her braids as a defense mechanism - the long braids cascading down her back shelter her neck from potential headlocks. "Weeemps always look for excuses" she whispered.


I'm already making plans for a rematch, figuring different strategies. But I have a feeling nothing will be successful, but it will be an hour very well spent against one of the greatest newcomers to the scene in many years.

Her website is updated regularly, and she plans to expand the site, and do competitive videos.

My highest recommendation !

LTF, October 2002