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I wish to share with you all my memories to a session that I enjoyed with Veronica the other month. Quite some weeks ago I met Veronica for the second time.

Although a considerable time has passed since that second session, I have to indicate here to you all how Veronica's influence on me is still as pressing as if I would have wrestled with her only yesterday.

What happened is that I was lazy in letting you know promptly and adequately about my session with this very pretty lady; the goddess herself was of course aware of this inertion of mine.

Now here came her influence on me this week, and her capability to make me dead nervous for the near future.

As for some reason (or another) I am going to see Veronica soon, as she mailed me yesterday. This invitation for just a technical meeting (later more about that) was introduced a day earlier with just a short message: "Hello Paul How are you?" She suggestively attached the text of my request for that session which has indeed taken place. Can you imagine in what awkward position she manoeuvred me with just those 5 words? I realize now that to date I did not manage to publish a proper review of my hour with her (more under her).

Oops! Thus not only I wish to set my memories on paper (on screen, we should nowadays say), but I rather have to do this IMMEDIATELY. Even stronger so: I MUST take down my memories to that hour. I just need to think at those lethal legs of this goddess, and you can imagine how I feel in anticipation of seeing her soon again, realizing that I have taken it all too easy.

I met Veronica for the first time on the mat after I became impressed by the account that Xander once wrote on her ability to overpower him so effectively. I am often not convinced of one's capabilities without checking myself (a critical mind has its disadvantages, as you will understand when you read on). Anyway, I couldn't believe to what a somewhat smaller woman would be capable to in a wrestling match.

I adore her body and her elegance, so I enjoyed my bout against this woman, but I had dared to challenge her that she would not be able to succeed in tying me up while fighting. I had even offered to pay a bit extra in case she would succeed in this.

I admit now that I had made a mistake then, as after some time I found a wrist caught at my back, with a cord attached to it. Veronica's legs held my head captive and it did not took long before her fighting abilities and her strength led to claim my other wrist. There I was, ashamed of myself, as I was overpowered from scratch into being tied up by this young, lighter and but stronger woman.

The session took place in a room where there was some S&M equipment present. She made clever use of a hoisting winch with which she pulled my upper body a few decimeters off the ground. Remember I was lying there on the mat, with my wrists bound together on my back. As my head and upperbody were hanging slightly off the ground, Veronica's strong legs could enwrapped fully my head: she could reach out her lethal legs to my neck from any angle. Minutes long I had to suffer from her hard pressing thighs while I was hanging there in a horizontal position. I could do nothing else than peeping at her from in between those thighs enwrapping my head: staring and waiting and hoping that signals of reaching my limits would be understood.

The recent session was at her own place, on two mattresses. The muscles in her legs had become rockhard compared to the first time, thus I did not see any other way than to spend all my energy in trying and keeping out of those legs. But Veronica did not need to wait long before she had seized me and got me at her mercy. Some locks were new to me, like the one when Veronica was standing upright on my back while I was lying on my belly (no, not face up). She took hold of my arms, pulled them up to a vertical position, and locked them between her legs. I couldn't move a finger, while Veronica hands-free added pressure just with her legs. Still as I couldn't see (face down, remember) how she applied this, it is pretty annoying that I cannot exercise at home to learn to prevent it happening again.

In a way Veronica was mild to me; I know for sure that she didn't apply all her strength to have me submit to her. I was even allowed to take a rest in a very special way, as she let me enjoy a facesit. But a particular one: after having secured my arms straight above my head she shove higher up. Yes, I was thus able to recover my breath from all my previous vainless efforts while lying down under her. But Veronica had other plans than just to let me breeze freely and take a nice rest. She loves to humiliate, so she pressed her knees against my joining elbows. This hurts substantially when you have your arms stretched out above your head. You completely lack any power or momentum to escape from this treatment.

And Veronica looks so innocent as she is just sitting on your chest. We all know she does not weigh that much. But still you cannot get away. All of a sudden she took her mobile and started a telephone conversation with a friend, while every now and then she set her muscled legs at work. The other person must have heard the screams that I could not suppress. Veronica made me docile: I was not allowed to move anything on my body, otherwise her knees would inflict more pain and stiffness for my upper arms.

Towards the end of the session I was given permission to take some pictures. I wanted to photograph her in spurred boots and tight jeans that I had brought with me. To me the picture is indeed a nice memory to that day. I could notice that Veronica loved the dominant look that these sturdy boots evoked. As the horse-riding pants were made of stretched material, the round shape of her beautiful buttocks showed off perfectly. And all of a sudden she jumped at me and took me in a headlock, and she whispered in my ear the menacing words that if I would bring with me this equestrian equipment the next time, she could force me to pronounce any statement she wanted to hear from me...