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Lately I had a long cherished wish come true: I invited Lethal Veronica to wrestle with me on the beach. I had this in mind for some years but our time schedules never matched when the sun was shining, but this time it happened. I picked her up and drove her to the beach.

Because the beach was too crowded we decided to move into the dunes to look for a private place to wrestle. Boy, was I proud to walk along with such a beauty over the beach. Lots of attractive young boys envied me.

On beforehand I had been teasing Veronica pointing out I had some good results in the recent past so she was sharp as a knive when we started wrestling.

I lost every takedown that day. In the sand it proved much more difficult than on the mat to turn the tables. Once you're on your back you stay there. And as I lost the takedowns, I got on my back first... well I don't heave to spell it out, do I?

In short: she has been really dominating me and boy did she enjoy to show me she was stronger. At first I cold stay out of her holds and she was merely dominating me by showing off her muscles. Later on she really got me trapped with my head between her thighs. then she remembered me why she calls herself "lethal" Veronica.

I used to call her "Lady lethal legs" (that where the "lethal" came in), and this was the day she picked out to remember me about the origin of her name. After the match we were incredibly dirty. Veronica had been on top most of the time so she was not nearly as dirty as I was. Because of the heat and the sweat the sand wouldn't go off.

Luckily Xander was near and agreed to let us have a shower in his summer residence. Thank you very much Xander. The shower swept of the sand, but the feeling of deep defeat is still hanging over me.