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I recently had a great wrestling session with Lethal Veronica. She was friendly, professional, and as I would soon find out she was also very experienced and strong.

Veronica is only about 5 ft. 4 in and about 135 lbs. and I am 5 ft. 11in and weigh about 160 lbs., but she had no problem dominating the match with her quickness, experience, and strength.

I am in pretty good shape and gave it my best shot but Veronica is in great shape, very strong for her size, and is very experienced in wrestling. Veronica's combination of quickness, strength, and experience allowed her to totally dominate me throughout the session, despite my best attempts to gain submissions from her or even prevent her from making me submit and beating me in the match.

We wrestled semi-competetively and had a lot of fun but she put me into a lot of different holds and I could not escape most of them. Throughout our one hour session, I could not get one submission out of her but she made me submit many times, mostly by using her legs which are very strong. When Veronica traps you in a leg scissors hold, the only way you will usually escape is to submit. Her upper body is also strong and she got me a couple times with remarkably strong head locks.

She was a lot of fun to wrestle with and I would highly recommend her to any guy who wants a fun session with an attractive, experienced, and strong female wrestler. But if you do wrestle her, don' t make the mistake I made. DO NOT underestimate because of her small size because she is very quick and tough!!!

Veronica is competetive and likes to be dominant and in control. In fact, several times Veronica taunted me and made me say that I was weak or that she was stronger than me. I did not want to admit this to her but the painful holds she had me in and my inability to escape her forced me to verbally proclaim he superiority over me. That made her happy and added to the fun of the session.

Lethal Veronica definitely likes to dominate and humiliate men with her wrestling experience and strength, but don' t let that stop you from contacting her. She is fun to be with and will give you a great session, and it' s a truely memorable experience.

I have wrestled some great female wrestlers and Veronica' s definitely one of the best! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone to contact Lethal Veronica if they want a great wrestling session with one of the best female session wrestlers in the business!!