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Like many guys I surf on the internet. I have viewed a lot of pages about woman wrestling. Most of the girls are very heavy bodybuilders and they are certainly very strong. Then I saw the side from Veronica at lethalveronica.com. Veronica challenged guys to wrestle with her. I looked
at her pics and saw that she was a pretty black woman. And because she lived also in Holland I called her and made an appointment.

When I arrived at her place she was very friendly and even more pretty then she looked at her pics at the internet. But I thought she does not have a single chance against me in wrestling. I trained 3 times a week in a gym and weigh about 210 lbs. I was much more muscular as she was.

We talked about the things I wanted to do and she told me what was Allowed and what not. We undressed and like we agreed we wrestled in our underwear. She in a bra and a thong and I in my underwear. She had a very good looking body but not so very muscular as mine. So I thought it would be an easy game for me.

Then we went to a room with was suited with a copple of matresses which used as a wrestling mat. We sat on our knees towards eachother and started to wrestle.

I attacked her immediatly. She evaded my attack and catched my neck with her arm. She squeezed my throat en threw herself against me so I flipped over. She had now all the leverage and started choking me with her arm. I had to tap on the floor. She let me go.

"Damn" I thought "how could she be so strong". She smiled and sat back on her knees ready to go for the next rumble. I went slowly on all fours to her and she went back untill she sat with her back against the wall. She spread her legs slightly and stretched them a little.

"Hahaha" I thought "now she can't escape". I jumped at her but immediatly when I was in the reach from her legs she catched my body with her legs and start squeezing all the air out of my lungs. "Damn" I thought "what is this, she is a woman and how can those very smooth legs be so strong".

But her legs were not soft at all and right now they were squeezing the life out of me. I had to tap again and she let me go. "and what is the score" she asked me. "2-0 for you " I answered her. She smiled satisfied. And sat on her knees again ready for the next battle. I was even more carefull now and waited and thought about how I could get her. "Damn" I thought "she looks so very feminine, almost girly, how can she be so strong".

She was amused and crawled like a cat over the mattress, carefully looking at me and ready for my attack. She was challenging me. When I came closer to her she changed her position so she could defend herself.

I attacked her again and this time I had more succes she flipped over and landed on her back with me on top of her. She tried to catch me with her legs real quick but this time she failed because I expected a move like that. Next she catched my neck with er arm and started squeezing my throat. I struggled roughly and tried to free myself from her hold but this realized that she could change her hold and catch me in a full nelson while she was laying on her back she now had trapped my body with her legs and my neck with her arm.

I know when you are in this hold it is impossible to escape. I tried to pull her arm from my neck but she squeezed a lot harder with her legs so my ribs were hurting a lot so I stopped this attempt. Then I tried to free myself from her squeezing legs but she choked my throat a little more with her arm. So I had again to tap on the floor.

But this time she said "no, I want you to beg me for mercy". And she squeezed a little harder. "ouch, mercy, mercy" I said. Veronica let me go but while I tried to get on my feet again she jumped like a cat on me and pushed me on my back. She slammed her body on mine so that we were face to face. She pushed my wrists with her hands near my head and with her feet she hooked my legs and slowly pressed them apart. I tried to escape, while she kept pushing so that the muscles in my legs were stretched to the limit.

I tried to close my legs but she smiled at me and pressed them a little further. This hold is the grapevine and it was a little painfull for me. But then she let my legs go and pulled her knees up in a very quick move and then she sat with her butt high on my chest. My arms where pinned firmly under her knees. Then in a quick move she folded her legs behind my neck.

She was towering high above me and looked in my eyes. I tried to escape but she kept me easy under control. Then she looked me in the eyes, grapped my head with her hand and sat on me. "mmppfff" I couldn't breath at all and tap on the floor. But she ignored it and said "I want you to beg me for mercy".

She looked triumphantly at me. "Mercy" I said. She held her position for sometime and then she let me go. I attacked her again and we struggled to catch eachother but again Veronica had the leverage and she embraced my neck with her strong legs. She hold my neck in an easy grip and smiled at me. Then she give me a huge yank with her legs. I had the feeling that my head almost exploded caused by the huge presure she was applying now.

I panicked and tapped wildly on the floor. Then she relaxed her hold a little and I start trying to open her legs but immediatly she put on more pressure so I give up my attempt to free myself. "I want you to say 5 times, mercy before I let you go" Veronica said while she was resting on one arm and looked amused at my feeble attemps to free myself. I said "mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy" to her. "No" she said " I want to hear you say it 5 times and I heared just 4 times.

She put on some presure again with her legs and my head popped almost from my body and I said very quick "mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy" to her. Now she was satisfied and she let me go.

We took a break and drank a little bit. I was very relaxed inspite of the fact that she was totally controlling me with her wrestling skills.

After the brake we started to rumble again but it was no difference with before the brake. She won almost all the games except one. I had to tap off all the time. She played with me like a cat played with her mouse, and you could see she surely enjoyed our games.

After we wrestled we chit-chatted a little about things and then it was time for me to leave her. It was really fun and want surely another appointment to wrestle with her. I also learned a lesson "never underestimate the power of a woman".....