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RIB-BREAKER (from Veronica's Yahoo Group)

Veronica wrote something about breaking someones rib. I can tell you it is true. That was me. We had a fabulous fight for nearly two hours.

I was very competitive and once had her in a position to surrender because my knee was hearting her. But I still think she only did it to make me more opportunistic.

I am tall (1.91m) and strong, but every time we really fought, she won. Three times, I think, I had to surrender because of the pain. But she was much stronger than I, and I did not want to surrender.

Later on it became clear that she had broken my rib with one of her scissors. Nothing to blame her for: she is beautifull, marvellous, strong and also a very nice person when you treat her well. She wants to hurt you and make you suffer, but not to damage you.

I won't be able to fight her soon because of my broken rib, but in the next days I would like to make a new appointment with her so she can dominate me, make me suffer, make me gasp for breath and torture me so that I will lose my dignity.

Thank you Veronica for the great fight I had.

Dim, October 2002